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In this day and age businesses, large and small, cannot thrive without fully functional, smooth operating and high performing IT systems.

In a world where digital has become so integrated into our day to day delivery it is important to have access to a dedicated, highly skilled and responsive I.T department when things fail to run at their best, or at worst, completely crash causing complete chaos.

Luckily, having access to an I.T department doesn’t mean that you have to increase your staff numbers, increase the size of your office space nor does it mean having to break the budget as 3PS can provide outsourced solutions that can be perfectly tailored to suit your business needs.

Below are 7 reasons as to why it important to be prepared with a good service provider and how we can help you solve these problems:

  • Secure, Accessible Data Management:

The need to store high volumes of data has increased dramatically in recent years. Keeping this data secure, accessible, and safely backed up is hugely important.  At 3PS we ensure that this happens effortlessly, reducing the risks to your business of lost files, accidental deletion and virus infection.

  • Safety from Virus Attacks and Hacking

At 3PS we are seeing an ever-growing list of virus threats and hacking. Staying one step ahead saves time, money, wasted resource and the potential for disaster if an external body accesses confidential client information.

We provide a combination of centralised anti-virus management that ensures your I.T systems are completely safe and good to go, and we continue to keep an ear to the ground on emerging threats.

  • Software Faults

We have found that most software will experience random bugs or faults at some point, creating technical issues that can steal hours from productivity and delivery.

Our staff have experience in dealing with these niggling issues and can have them remedied in record time, helping you to get back to what’s most important in your day to day business.

  • Security

Your businesses will hold sensitive information such as personal details, financial data and passwords that need to remain secure. 

At 3PS we can help you ensure that this data remains accessible to you and only you!

We ensure that your systems are completely secure from external threats such as hacking or potential attempts at disruption.

  • Servers

For smaller businesses finding space for a large and noisy server can be tricky, it can be even trickier to ensure that your server is running at the correct temperature, which should be about the same as a refrigerator. If the server isn’t kept in a cool room it must work even harder to cool itself down, which is what leads to the noisy whirring sound that can be so distracting in an office environment.

Luckily, your server doesn’t have to be on site and at 3PS we can provide a solution that allows you to run your server remotely at one of our central locations where we take care of the rest.

  • Maintenance

Your I.T systems are just one of the important engines behind the running of your company. You need reliable servers, secure firewalls, and robust remote solutions, but like any other engine, it needs maintenance and updating to be running at it’s very best.

We offer these services to ensure that your I.T systems are working at peak performance, allowing you to focus on the core delivery of your business.

  • Friendly, responsive and highly skilled staff all at a competitive price

At 3PS we ensure that your systems are running so smoothly that you’ll barely know we are there, however, in the event that something does crop up for you we can guarantee that we offer the most responsive, friendly and highly skilled service that can be in Northern Ireland, Ireland or the UK.

In addition, we are so confident that we won’t be beaten for price and service delivery on any like-for-like quote that we are happy to offer a price match on any other quotation that you have received! *

To find out more about our packages drop us an email at or call on 02877767850 or 02896931493.